Friday, January 27, 2012

And now, another word from our sponsors...

More vintage ads!

Get the party started with Gilbey's gin and copious amounts of blow.

Nothing entices you to buy soda like a nightmarish grinning spectre. Brrrr.

Yes, once upon a time America needed incredibly grim public service announcements to keep it from washing it's clothes in gasoline.

Judging by this gentleman's face, he's going to use that bottle to bludgeon the unsuspecting homeowner to death.

In spousal abuse or rape, you'll look smart in your Van Heusen shirt.

Mom blissfully unaware that her family plans to please Satan.

And finally, we have Al Capp's Dick Tracy parody character Fearless Fosdick fighting the frizzies and some dude who kidnaps women dressed as a fire hydrant.

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