Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More vintage advertising fun

I'm back with some more old school Madison Ave fun!

"I was curious" eh? I'd say these strapping young fellows are curious about more than beer! (I like to imagine that Salvatore Romano from Sterling Cooper worked on this one...)

Ladies, make sure your husbands are adequately thirst quenched with frozen lemonade lest they go on a crazy shooting spree to try and extract sweet, sweet bug nectar.

"Why, we've been waiting for a 17th century pelican with booze all our lives!"

Yes friends, throw out those fatty old grapefruits and embrace the slim-tastic wonder that is pure cane sugar.

So the next time a social conservative gets yakkin' about how things were so much more wholesome back in the day, you can remind them that in 1950 LIFE magazine ran ads selling cameras with the promise of recording accidental titty displays.

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